Oregon Sprite Styled Shoot


So I’m from Oregon, born and raised in Bend. And near Bend, there is a beautiful, breathtaking, unfathomably awesome waterfall called Proxy Falls. The name DOES NOT do it justice. So some wedding friends and I styled a fantastical shoot there, where we imagined a fairy sprite, dark and lovely, fell in love with a modern dude, and got married.

Yes, her bouquet has mushrooms in it. I even grew some of them myself, just because.

And it came together in such a mind blowing way, dark and moody and light all at the same time, just like the lava rock forest that central Oregon is. And the coolest local magazine, Wedventure Mag,  published it on their blog:

Magic & Modern Romance at Proxy Falls

Our team was FABTABULOUS!


Hailley Howard


Marisa Kozak Ringe


Foxtail Bakeshop


Makeup Mafia


Ziggy by Grace Loves Lace


Ron Tomson Brand


Andronyk Jewelry


MBM Calligraphy


Alexis Kozak: Zush By Design


Alison Clough: Zush By Design


Maggie Smith & John Kish


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Haunted Love — American Gothic Wedding

Okay, so nothing says spooky romance like the most famous painting by Grant Wood, entitled American Gothic. Or does it? Well, Halloween begged for a moody styled shoot, and Lauren of Laurel & Fey and Jenni of Blushing Bird and I bashed our brains together until this creepy little beauty came together. And then Tyler Branch came in and captured it with the utmost perfection. Gothic love anyone?

Our team was pretty stellar, and I am so grateful for each irreplaceably lovely contribution:

photography: Tyler Branch // venue name: Oak Canyon Ranch, Los Angeles, California, USA // event design: The Blushing Bird // planning: Laurel and Fey // florals: Revel Petals // wedding dress: Tatyana Merenyuk // hairpiece: Melinda Rose Design // bride’s shoes: Harriet Wilde Peony Gold // bride’s ring: Single Stone // hair stylist: Amber Rose // makeup artist: Amber Rose // groom attire: Heart and Dagger for ASOS // groom’s ring: Single Stone // paper goods: Heirloom Paper Co. // cake: Frost it Cakery // tabletop rentals: Borrowed Blu // furniture rentals: Premiere Party Rents // models: Merissa Underwood and Wesley Kemp

Green Wedding Shoes featured it here:

Vintage Haunted Harvest Wedding Inspiration

untitled-44 untitled-34 untitled-89 untitled-7 untitled-23 untitled-163 untitled-39 untitled-139 untitled-91

The Romance of Cracked Earth

So from July 4th last year on, I was so busy I really failed to post here as much as I should have. So hang with me as I play catch up a little.


On Sept 19th, one of my favorite and most challenging projects was published on 100 layer cake. It was a hot hot hot day. Half the flowers fried on the 2 hour drive to our location. I remade the bouquet on site, the wind whipped it and thrashed it as we searched for the perfect light.

Working with the amazing Kandice of Rose & Stone PDX, as well as the ever talented photographer Katie Dessin, we adorned the painted hills with an earthy romance that still makes my heart pitter patter. Here are some of my favorite photos, and check out the feature HERE:




And an AWESOME BIG ‘OLE THANK YOU to these fantastic creatives who made it all possible!

Photographer: Katie Dessin / John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Painted Hills, OR / Coordination & Design: Kandice of Rose & Stone / Flowers & Design: Marisa of Revel Petals / Hair & Makeup: Christine of Makeup Mafia Weddings / Invitation Suite: Brittany of Letters & Dust / Baker: Melanie of Delectable Baked Goods / Cocktail: Alexis of Zush by Design / Furniture & Detail Rentals: Something Borrowed / Ribbons & Table Linen: Pistils + Stamen / Dress: Dreamers & Lovers / Rings: Andronyk Jewlery / Hair Piece: Of Earth Fine Jewelry / Model: Jessica Barnard


eastern-oregon-painted-hills-elopement-94 eastern-oregon-painted-hills-elopement-110 eastern-oregon-painted-hills-elopement-49eastern-oregon-destination-wedding-11 eastern-oregon-destination-wedding-22 eastern-oregon-destination-wedding-21 eastern-oregon-destination-wedding-20 eastern-oregon-destination-wedding-1

Gustav Klimt Inspired Wedding

One of the most romantic artworks in all the world is The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, but his other works are also sensual and romantic, and they are the perfect inspiration for a wedding. So we dreamed up a styled shoot to show how the theme could be worked in subtly, yet create a stylistic impact that could be recognized as “Klimtian”, and it came together beautifully!

It has been featured on wedding fashion blog, Wedding Chicks, here:


Working with Hannah and Julia of Day of Gal, Hailley Howard helming the camera, and our stunning hair & makeup team Stephanie Lawrence, Britten Faith Make up, and Jessie Yarborough, models Julie McNiven, Christine Barraco and Alana Schoen, venue Ebell of Long Beach, calligraphy/invitation designer MBM Calligraphy, custom mixologist Alexis at Zush by Design, cake designer Sweet E’s Cakes, and tabletop rentals from Laura at DishWish, bridal fashion by Loho Bride, bridesmaid fashion by Joanna August, I simply could not have asked for a better team.

My description of the shoot:

A wedding is but a moment in time, a day like any other, until we adorn it with meaning, beauty, and love. And when it comes to adornment, Gustav Klimt’s body of work stands as the paragon of ornamentation. In Klimt’s paintings, like “The Kiss” and “The Virgins”, we see a romance and sensuality that are at once innocent and transformative, qualities often shared by the milestone of a wedding, making Klimt a perfect style inspiration for our shoot.  We payed direct homage to Klimt’s work on the table numbers, and the postage stamp on the invitation suite, but chose to abstain from being too literal in the styles of dresses, creating a contemporary garden chic vibe instead of using an art nouveau wardrobe. Consistent with many of Klimt’s works, gold leaf was used throughout the shoot, from the table runner to the bride’s neck art.  The geometric patterns often found in Klimt’s works were perfectly reflected in the mosaic floors of the Ebell Club Long Beach.
Hailley+Howard_Ebell+Long+Beach-1487 Hailley+Howard_Ebell+Long+Beach-1258 Hailley+Howard_Ebell+Long+Beach-1243 (1)








Beautiful Rose Garden Themed Wedding

I loved flowering this wedding for Brittany and Patrick up at the Hyatt Santa Clarita! Rose Gardens are gorgeous, and so is love, which made this a very beautiful day. Special shout outs to Julia and Michael of SEJ Events, as well as Jeff Lewis Wedding Photography. Check it out!

12 June 2016: Brittany & Patrick wedding at the Hyatt in Santa Clarita, CA.

12 June 2016: Brittany & Patrick wedding at the Hyatt in Santa Clarita, CA.

12 June 2016: Brittany & Patrick wedding at the Hyatt in Santa Clarita, CA.

12 June 2016: Brittany & Patrick wedding at the Hyatt in Santa Clarita, CA.

12 June 2016: Brittany & Patrick wedding at the Hyatt in Santa Clarita, CA.

12 June 2016: Brittany & Patrick wedding at the Hyatt in Santa Clarita, CA.


12 June 2016: Brittany & Patrick wedding at the Hyatt in Santa Clarita, CA.

United We Stand!

In the spring, I was lucky to collaborate with the amazing Meghan Christine Photography and Debra Meadows of Debra Meadows Events on a shoot inspired by UNITY and LOVE. We had a very large team of vendors who participated, and in this we worked hard to incorporate every detail into the style story, though for the first time ever, we may have had too many details. That said, Meghan is amazing, and got every item and detail shot.

In today’s world, especially amidst the current toxic political climate, we wanted to remind our beloved countrymen and women of all the wonderful ways in which our diverse cultures and ideas make our country better, not worse. We wanted to say thank you in all the languages spoken. We wanted to somehow represent the idea that people come before politics, with graceful beauty and acceptance and gratitude, all through the styling of a single wedding. If this seems like a lofty goal, it was, and we didn’t always succeed perfectly, but I think we created something really special, even amidst our humanness, which is what the shoot was all about.

Ask my husband, and you’ll soon find out that I don’t set out to tackle small projects, only ‘big-dreamed, reach-for-the-stars” type projects. So thinking we could create a styled wedding to be a metaphor for the beautiful melting pot that is America, while turning the traditional Americana decor of the 4th of July into an elegant urban soiree, is not all that far fetched for me. And I did all the florals with LOCAL, SLOW FLOWERS too! And not one piece of green foam was used. *(forgive me my soapbox, but I think it’s important. See my blog about eco-friendly weddings here: How to Earth your Wedding)


We were also so blessed to be featured on Green Wedding Shoes! Link here:GWS Independence Day Feature

Here are some of the photos from our 4th of July styled shoot, I hope you love them as much as I do!

UnitedWeStand-52UnitedWeStand-281UnitedWeStand-192 UnitedWeStand-464

UnitedWeStand-429-1UnitedWeStand-436UnitedWeStand-234 UnitedWeStand-455UnitedWeStand-427

It’s the End of The World

I’ve been a little absent from the blog this spring, because I’ve been doing a million shoots! And I am so pleased to get to share this one with you now, as it was posted to Green Wedding Shoes a few days ago.

Here’s the link:

Majestic, ‘End of the World’ Wedding Inspiration

I know a post-apocalyptic wedding sounds very gothic, however, our shoot was anything but. Magical, etherial, wild, eclectic, boho — it was all this and more. And I loved that I got to use both my skills, flower design and story telling *(I’m also a writer, in case you didn’t know). So I imagined a story, wrote it all down, our fantastic team came together to create the shoot; we dreamed, and hiked, and drove, and carried, and captured what is a fantasy straight from my brain. I can’t thank the team enough for helping it come into reality so beautifully!

Below are my favorite shots from the shoot, and the lines to the vows I imagine he wrote for her:
View More: http://gallery.pass.us/eotwstyledshootView More: http://gallery.pass.us/eotwstyledshoot View More: http://gallery.pass.us/eotwstyledshootView More: http://gallery.pass.us/eotwstyledshoot View More: http://gallery.pass.us/eotwstyledshootView More: http://gallery.pass.us/eotwstyledshootView More: http://gallery.pass.us/eotwstyledshootView More: http://gallery.pass.us/eotwstyledshootView More: http://gallery.pass.us/eotwstyledshootView More: http://gallery.pass.us/eotwstyledshoot

Flower Girl Style: Floral Crowns And Bubbles

“Someone told me there’s a girl out there With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair. “

Led Zeppelin


Considering a flower crown for your Flower Girl?


Do it! Flower Crowns are the most exquisite, perfect way to adorn your Flower Girl(s).  That isn’t to say there aren’t many stunning alternatives to the flower crown or petal basket; pomanders, nosegays, flower wands and flower clips to name a few. But there’s nothing like the wide-eyed wonderous look on a little girl’s face when she sees she gets to wear a flower crown.


So, one sunny day, I combined two things I love with a fervor of a sugar high: Flower crowns, and my daughter. And so I present you with my Everleigh, modeling her first in what will likely be a long tradition of flower crown photoshoots. Enjoy!





Earthy Matrimony: 10 Ways To Green Your Wedding Decor


So you want an eco-friendly wedding…

You’re getting married outdoors to lower your energy usage. You’ve ordered invitations printed with soy-based ink on recycled paper. The wedding program is made of seed paper, and you’ve even rented a clean fuel party bus to keep your guests from driving their gas-guzzling SUVs on the day of your nuptials. You’ve thought of everything, but what about your decor and flowers?

Most people don’t realize what a burden the cut flower industry places on the environment. Flowers are green already, right? Well, not necessarily. Most cut flowers in the US are grown in foreign soil, often in a slew of chemicals and pesticides, and tended by workers who are poorly compensated for their efforts. Then they are shipped, which in and of itself carries a serious carbon footprint due to massive fuel consumption used for transit.

Many of you savvy grocery shoppers know that when it comes to food, proper certifications are the only way to guarantee organic and non-gmo foods. And though there are some certifications for cut flowers that guarantee a level of sustainability, in my opinion, none of them go far enough.

I’ve heard some earth-advocates say that to be eco-friendly, you must foregoe the cut flowers for your wedding. But I feel strongly that a wedding without flowers is like lemonade made without lemons.


That said, here are 10 tips for making sure your flowers and decor are as blissfully sustainable as possible:

  1. Buy local and seasonal. When interviewing a florist, ask where she/he gets the flowers. A florist committed to locally grown flowers will be able to tell you where each bloom is grown, and may even know the farmer by name. If not, it’s likely your florist is buying from wholesalers who import bulk flowers from distant farms, leaving a substantial carbon footprint from all the different vehicles (read fuel) needed for transport.
  2. Ask about pesticides. Pesticides are bad. Hopefully, since you are reading this article, you are already aware of the terrible things these chemicals are doing to plants, animals, humans and bees across the world. The best flower farmers are not using any pesticides, but instead promote a fertile soil and healthy ecosystem, and let Mother Nature keep the bugs in check. Farmers who don’t use pesticides may be harder to find, but a florist committed to having a ‘green’ business will put in the extra effort to search them out.
  3. Avoid Flower Foam. It was once considered the greatest invention in the floral industry, but is now known to contain really nasty toxic stuff like formaldehyde. (Yes, it and other ingredients in foam are known to cause cancer). Worse, it is not biodegradable. Florists worth their salt can design without foam, and won’t balk if you request that no foam be used at your wedding. One exception is the newly developed Floral Soil, a product developed in Washington state, that functions like flower foam but is perfectly non-toxic and biodegradable. This Floral Soil is just coming on the market, and is hard to acquire, so don’t be disappointed if it isn’t available to your florist. That said, almost any arrangement can be done without foam, so don’t be afraid to request a no-foam wedding.2015-10-23 05.36.15
  4. Rent your Vases. Many times, all the vases used in a wedding end up in the trash. Think of all the glass vases piling up in our landfills! A more eco-friendly approach would be to rent vases or containers from your florist or rental company, and pay for either your coordinator or florist to return the containers after your event. So you want something specific that isn’t available at a rental house? Try asking your florist to go in halves with you if he/she can keep the containers after the wedding. Or, if money is no option for you, consider donating them to a hospital or charity like salvation army.
  5. Be Thoughtful About Your Candles. Candles can set a wonderfully romantic mood for a wedding. But did you know that candles can be terrible for the environment? Not only that, but depending on the wax used, candles can be downright toxic. How romantic is a wedding where the air is laced with carcinogens? Here’s a quick rundown on wax: Parafin is a petroleum bi-product laced with chemicals. Beeswax is super healthy and burns clean, but depending on how it’s harvested, it can be hard on the bees, who are already having a difficult time in the world. Soy wax is almost always made with GMO soy, is often mixed with other less clean waxes, and pretty gnarly chemicals like hexane are used to make it. Palm Wax commonly contributes to massive deforestation. So where does that leave you, if you have your heart set on incorporating candles into your decor? I recommend trying to find a Rainforest Alliance Verified Palm Wax candle, (See http://www.alohabay.com) or an organic, sustainably farmed beeswax candle (or 100% organic, non-GMO soy wax or hemp candles if you can find them!).2015-10-23 05.37.10
  6. RePurpose from Ceremony to Reception. Logistics willing, repurposing flower arrangements from your ceremony to your reception not only is friendly on your wallet, it cuts down on materials/flowers discarded at the end of the event. Some florists will charge a “change over” fee to stay through the ceremony and stage the reception using the ceremony arrangements, but this usually pales in comparison to the cost of all new arrangements for the reception.
  7. Incorporate Succulents & Air Plants. Not only are they super-chic, succulents and air-plants don’t necessarily have to be thrown away after your wedding. Simply pull the succulents and air plants from your arrangements and plant them at home, (literally stick them in the ground/hang in the air) or give them to your friend who likes to garden. Don’t know anyone who has a garden? Ask if your coordinator or florist would like to take them home and plant them.
  8. Consider potted plants. I’m not saying go to home depot and buy some plants and stick ’em on the table. Besides the fact that home depot admits to using plants laced/engineered with neonicotinoids (*these kill bees!), it wouldn’t look very pretty. So this suggestion can be tricky, requires some preplanning, and takes a florist with a green thumb (no, they don’t all have them). But an artfully arranged pot of flowers and plants can make a bold statement, and will continue to thrive long after your wedding.
  9. Request organic silk or cotton ribbon. Hand dyed, local, organic silk or cotton ribbon is not only gorgeous, it’s also better than cheap synthetic ribbon made in china. A thoroughly earth-friendly florist won’t charge extra for these specialty ribbons, because they are standard practice. But it doesn’t hurt to request it anyway. Even if it’s just your bouquet that is wrapped in ribbon, every little bit counts. Besides, see these beautiful bouquets with trailing hand-dyed silk ribbon. Swoon.
  10. Green your favors. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your favors. With many different options out there, from mini-potted succulents to packets of seeds, your favors are the prime venue for your green-leaning ideals to be put on full display. You can donate to a good cause in lieu of favors, give small jars of organic honey from local farms, or display saplings to be planted in honor of the event. The idea here is to stay away from plastic or easily discarded consumer goods, and make this a wholesome and personal proclamation of your love for the world and each other.

2015-10-23 06.12.04-1

After all that, my biggest advice is to take a deep breath, and let your creativity run wild! Reusing found objects to create interesting tables, thrifting your plates and silverware, and buying eco-friendly products are all ways of greening your wedding, but by all means, hire a florist who shares your eco-beliefs! The earth will thank you.

Go forth and be green!


Sneak Peek! Rustic Elopement Shoot

I had the pleasure of designing the florals for a winter elopement shoot coordinated by the lovely Julia Whitley at Serendipitous Events by Julia. While I won’t ruin the surprise of what is bound to be a beautiful, rustic and oh-so-romantic shoot, I’ll give you a little taste here.IMG_9164