Green Wedding Shoes: What is Foam Free Floral Design? The Experts Weigh in

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“In my opinion, almost any design can be made foam free, and those items that can’t *(I have yet to meet one) maybe should be redesigned or reconsidered. I’m not saying crush your wedding dreams, but maybe contemplate the big picture — a wedding is a single day — a wondrous and joyful celebration of your long-term love for one another. And that’s a beautiful thing. But I think, knowing that your wedding isn’t putting a toxic toll on the earth for generations to come, makes your wedding day even more exquisite.” Says Marisa…

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Magnolia Rouge Magazine, Issue 17

Inspired by the blooms of the acacia tree and the concept of depicting the colour yellow in an organic, clean and sophisticated way Stephanie Williams of THIS MODERN ROMANCE worked with florist REVEL PETALS to bring this happy vision to life.

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Green Wedding Shoes: As Autumn Turns to Winter

PHOTO CREDIT: We Romantics

Fall in Oregon is a time of plenty, and a time of beauty, and a time of transition into winter’s temporary grave. Autumn is hauntingly beautiful, and yet the bounty of harvest contrasts with the austere emptiness of the tree branches; their ripe fruit, having long since fallen, and their leaves having vacated their perches on the spindled twigs. It is this contrast of plenty and emptiness that so reminds us of traditional wedding vows; in tilth and fallow, in bounty and fruitlessness, in vitality and dormancy, till death do us partAnd in between these extremes, we found something magical.

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Green Wedding Shoes: Harvest Wedding Inspiration with Dried Floral Wreaths

“…we were particularly inspired by the burnt rose and faded beryl palette that lines our streets this time of year. We also became a bit obsessed by the circular shape of a wreath, and repeated it throughout the table runner, installation, and wall of wreaths. Similar to wreaths, Ukrainian Flower Crowns are a halo of festive dried flowers fit for a prairie-princess. While traditional Ukrainian Flower Crowns are quite a bit larger, our flower crown still makes a statement, incorporating seed husks and grasses and little hints of red blueberry leaves to make a harvest-goddess out of any bride.

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Green Wedding Shoes: America the Beautiful


Hellllllloooo, florals. Keeping things moody + subtle, Revel Petals used muted tones and tons of texture to create this Americana-inspired bouquet. Such a fresh take, don’t you think?

Marisa of Revel Petals shares: More celestial inspiration came in the flower selection; the main focus being nigella, with its star-like shape dotting both bouquets and table arrangements. I left the sprays of nigella loose and natural, allowing its spangled stems to take center stage.

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100 Layer Cake: Earthy Desert Wedding Inspo

Marisa says, “The layers of love are like the layers of earth, created over time and experience, folded and pressed in color and beauty. From the first blush of youthful flirtation, to the wrinkled hands still cradling one another after decades of adventures, the sediment of life settles in brilliant striations in our hearts, like the painted hills themselves.

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Wedding Chicks: A Work of Art Wedding

“A wedding is but a moment in time, a day like any other, until we adorn it with meaning, beauty, and love. And when it comes to adornment, Gustav Klimt’s body of work stands as the paragon of ornamentation…

…With the cascading flowers and the way the calligraphy and models moved in serpentine lines, we targeted a subtle intimacy that transported us into a Klimtian wonderland, adorning the day in gold-gilded romance that celebrates the monumental moment of a wedding.”

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Inspired By This: Blush and Copper

PHOTO CREDIT: Natalie Franke

with florals that focused on a sense of wild romance and garden textures, relying mostly on greenery. A loose, dripping garland hung over the tables, and a wild textured foliage chandelier crowned the sweetheart table. Simple bud vases filled with in-season, locally grown blooms adorned the tables, allowing the garlands to take center stage. Greenery was also used to accent barn doors and bars, drawing the theme throughout ceremony and reception. Finally, white ranunculus, anemone and garden roses filled Jill’s bouquet and sprays of similar greens were woven through her hair.

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The Wall Street Journal

“I do styled shoots for the bride I want to get,” said Marisa Kozak Ringe, owner of Revel Petals, which only uses locally grown flowers. Once, she even grew oyster mushrooms to incorporate into a model’s florals. But even Ms. Kozak Ringe said that while she often likes massive bouquets as a statement piece, they can go too far. “There’s a border we’re crossing where they can be so unruly they’re almost taking over the fashion of the dress,” she said.

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