Oregon Sprite Styled Shoot


So I’m from Oregon, born and raised in Bend. And near Bend, there is a beautiful, breathtaking, unfathomably awesome waterfall called Proxy Falls. The name DOES NOT do it justice. So some wedding friends and I styled a fantastical shoot there, where we imagined a fairy sprite, dark and lovely, fell in love with a modern dude, and got married.

Yes, her bouquet has mushrooms in it. I even grew some of them myself, just because.

And it came together in such a mind blowing way, dark and moody and light all at the same time, just like the lava rock forest that central Oregon is. And the coolest local magazine, Wedventure Mag,  published it on their blog:

Magic & Modern Romance at Proxy Falls

Our team was FABTABULOUS!


Hailley Howard


Marisa Kozak Ringe


Foxtail Bakeshop


Makeup Mafia


Ziggy by Grace Loves Lace


Ron Tomson Brand


Andronyk Jewelry


MBM Calligraphy


Alexis Kozak: Zush By Design


Alison Clough: Zush By Design


Maggie Smith & John Kish


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Haunted Love — American Gothic Wedding

Okay, so nothing says spooky romance like the most famous painting by Grant Wood, entitled American Gothic. Or does it? Well, Halloween begged for a moody styled shoot, and Lauren of Laurel & Fey and Jenni of Blushing Bird and I bashed our brains together until this creepy little beauty came together. And then Tyler Branch came in and captured it with the utmost perfection. Gothic love anyone?

Our team was pretty stellar, and I am so grateful for each irreplaceably lovely contribution:

photography: Tyler Branch // venue name: Oak Canyon Ranch, Los Angeles, California, USA // event design: The Blushing Bird // planning: Laurel and Fey // florals: Revel Petals // wedding dress: Tatyana Merenyuk // hairpiece: Melinda Rose Design // bride’s shoes: Harriet Wilde Peony Gold // bride’s ring: Single Stone // hair stylist: Amber Rose // makeup artist: Amber Rose // groom attire: Heart and Dagger for ASOS // groom’s ring: Single Stone // paper goods: Heirloom Paper Co. // cake: Frost it Cakery // tabletop rentals: Borrowed Blu // furniture rentals: Premiere Party Rents // models: Merissa Underwood and Wesley Kemp

Green Wedding Shoes featured it here:

Vintage Haunted Harvest Wedding Inspiration

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The Romance of Cracked Earth

So from July 4th last year on, I was so busy I really failed to post here as much as I should have. So hang with me as I play catch up a little.


On Sept 19th, one of my favorite and most challenging projects was published on 100 layer cake. It was a hot hot hot day. Half the flowers fried on the 2 hour drive to our location. I remade the bouquet on site, the wind whipped it and thrashed it as we searched for the perfect light.

Working with the amazing Kandice of Rose & Stone PDX, as well as the ever talented photographer Katie Dessin, we adorned the painted hills with an earthy romance that still makes my heart pitter patter. Here are some of my favorite photos, and check out the feature HERE:




And an AWESOME BIG ‘OLE THANK YOU to these fantastic creatives who made it all possible!

Photographer: Katie Dessin / John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Painted Hills, OR / Coordination & Design: Kandice of Rose & Stone / Flowers & Design: Marisa of Revel Petals / Hair & Makeup: Christine of Makeup Mafia Weddings / Invitation Suite: Brittany of Letters & Dust / Baker: Melanie of Delectable Baked Goods / Cocktail: Alexis of Zush by Design / Furniture & Detail Rentals: Something Borrowed / Ribbons & Table Linen: Pistils + Stamen / Dress: Dreamers & Lovers / Rings: Andronyk Jewlery / Hair Piece: Of Earth Fine Jewelry / Model: Jessica Barnard


eastern-oregon-painted-hills-elopement-94 eastern-oregon-painted-hills-elopement-110 eastern-oregon-painted-hills-elopement-49eastern-oregon-destination-wedding-11 eastern-oregon-destination-wedding-22 eastern-oregon-destination-wedding-21 eastern-oregon-destination-wedding-20 eastern-oregon-destination-wedding-1

Sneak Peek! Rustic Elopement Shoot

I had the pleasure of designing the florals for a winter elopement shoot coordinated by the lovely Julia Whitley at Serendipitous Events by Julia. While I won’t ruin the surprise of what is bound to be a beautiful, rustic and oh-so-romantic shoot, I’ll give you a little taste here.IMG_9164

Introducing Revel Petals!

2016 marks the birth of Revel Petals! If you’d told me 10 years ago that I would eventually run my own flower business, I’d have laughed. Not that I didn’t love flowers then, because love is a small word for a gigantic overwhelming passion that has rumbled within me since I was little. But it takes more than passion to start a business.  It takes Moxy.


Moxy. Yes that really is the right word.  The first glimmer of my moxy-de-fleur showed itself at my own wedding, 8 years ago. Without much forethought, I had decided to make the flower arrangements for the arch. The day before my wedding. Having never before arranged flowers, aside from a vase on the kitchen table. It was a much bigger undertaking than I realized at the time.


On the day before my wedding, I walked my mom through the Los Angeles flower mart, picking blooms that felt right. As I loaded up my arms to overflowing, my mom’s face grew worried as she asked me, “so, just how big are these flower pieces?”  My answer came in one word, muffled behind the stacked bunches of flowers in my arms: BIG.


This is why my mom is awesome. She swallowed any doubt she might have had and helped me get everything into the car. We needed to have the arrangements finished by the rehearsal, which was a few hours away. After we hit some traffic trying to get to the hotel we would stay at that night, my mom gently asked the big question, “do you have a plan?”


I did. Because I always do. Even if just in my head. I was the kid who planned her lunches a week in advance. I pack ten days before travel. And I have a PHD in list-making.  So of course I had a plan. So I drew her a diagram and as soon as we arrived at the hotel I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I hadn’t counted on how much I would love working with the flowers. I was exhilarated as I explored how the flowers interacted with each other. The pieces were finished with plenty of time, and turned out just like I’d imagined. But what I didn’t know then, was that these arrangements were the seeds of Revel Petals, they just needed time to germinate.


And germinate they did. A few years later, I found myself replying to a craigslist ad to become a floral assistant at Bunch Studio, and photos of my wedding arrangements helped get me the job.


I spent the next 5 years under the direction of the brilliantly talented Mai Hoang Ito, working countless weddings and photo shoots, learning about all the different blooms and honing my skills. We traveled all over Southern California designing florals for weddings of all styles and budgets. We designed the flowers for Ruche’s wedding line launch (see some of our work here) and worked alongside some of the best planners and photographers in the business.  Mai taught me well, and gave me a gift of experience for which I will always be grateful. With Bunch Studio now shuttered, I will always look back on those days with fondness. Even the early morning mart runs. And maybe those most of all.

Ruche Succulent Wreath by Marisa Kozak Ringe and Mai Huang Ito

So from the void, Revel Petals has become a necessity, if only for my sanity. Yes, you read that right, flowers keep me sane. They are, in my opinion, nature’s most lavish gift to the world. I don’t know what I’d do without them. And so, I’m pleased and excited to announce the official opening of Revel Petals! (Cue champaign pop and confetti. And flowers. Lots and lots of flowers).


Give me a shout, and we’ll make beautiful weddings together!

Happy 2016!